Click a region of Greater Houston to learn more about the network of churches working in that region.

What is a Network?

HOUSTON RESPONDS is building a collaborative system of some 20 regional networks to coordinate recovery efforts. The networks unite and mobilize churches to partner with all the non-profits, long-term recovery groups and city officials that are working to restore their neighborhoods. With thousands of compassionate and willing volunteers, the local church engaged becomes the greatest multiplier of recovery efforts in a community.

How can I join?

You can join a network where your church is located (see/click on map) or select a part of the city where your church is already engaged in community development. The first step is to contact the network coordinator and have a discussion about what role the church commits to serve: possibly helping with manpower, money or materials. Churches also can help provide meals or housing for mission teams, key connections, and advocates to minister to families through supportive ongoing relationships. Take the first step and say... We will respond!