When Harvey hit we responded.

Before the 52 inches of rain stopped falling and flood waters began to recede from over 300,000 households across Greater Houston, churches began uniting to meet the needs of every family in their community. Even though many of the 800,000 FEMA requests have been met and the sense of urgency has passed, a big question remains: How many years will it take for Houston to rebound from the largest housing disaster in American history? 

Will the church respond to Harvey’s hidden crisis?

With over 100,000 families displaced or living in damaged homes, our communities need the church to respond again. In each region of greater Houston, thousands of families need support as they face recovery on limited incomes. Thousands of flooded homes need to be restored. Who better to provide help and hope for their neighbors? People of faith are driven to respond to these needs and be a catalyst for recovery. Churches are uniquely positioned to know the needs of their communities. Churches have the ability to muster an army of volunteers, which is currently the missing piece that would accelerate the recovery process. Churches, however, typically do not have expertise or resources to guide their congregations through long-term recovery efforts. To solve this problem, church leaders united to launch Houston Responds to empower and mobilize churches to expedite recovery and disaster response across greater Houston.

Houston Responds!


  • Promote vision that local churches should be walking with every family in their community struggling through disaster recovery
  • Organize regional networks of churches to support community recovery efforts until every neighboorhood is restored
  • Fund network leaders who enlist churches, partner with recovery organizations, develop strategies to fill gaps and coordinate recovery efforts
  • Develop local recovery experts by providing training, collaboration  and best practices for each network’s staff
  • Raise funds with networks for under-resourced communities supporting staffing needs and rebuilding efforts.  
  • Address big opportunities with business, government and recovery organization leaders across greater Houston
  • Build external support for networks from churches and organizations across country
  • Ensure church mobilization until greater Houston is restored
  • Raise awareness of local church supported recovery efforts
  • Create a blueprint for future church-led disaster response